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The Value of Einstein Business Resources, LLC (EBR)

My Story  I have been in the HVAC Industry for over 30 years.  I mentored a credit team working for arguably the greatest HVAC Wholesaler in our industry.  Our team yearly performed better than any other competitor in the Credit Function.  I have been honored to be trained in HVAC business education by some of the Industry Giants of Learning,  Stew Doctor, Ruth King, Barry Burnett of BDR, Arnie Langreck, Dr. Ron Collier of Trane, Wayne Atkins (The HVAC Doctor) Barry Elms, Tom Piscatelli, NACM, Rod Wheeland, Levy and Associates for understanding commercial lien laws for contractors, but the best training in the world has been by our customers, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Commercial Mechanical Contractors, sales people, service managers, installers and owners or officers of these companies.  My team or I didn't just get trained by any group of trainers, we were trained by the most successful and profitable companies in 6 Western States. I particularly enjoyed turning around over 109 failing businesses with a majority of these businesses still around today.  Helping a customer acheive "their own greatness" is what it is all about.  I'm not about telling a customer they must make 20% Net Profit if they are happy with 10%, but I will give them those tools shoud "they" decide it is right form them.  Don't be Shy, Give Einstein a Try!


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